Ms Audrey Azoulay’s mission to Tokyo - Japan

On 27-29 July 2017, Ms Audrey Azoulay carried out a mission to Tokyo to present the authorities there with her candidacy for the position of UNESCO Director-General.

Ms Azoulay successively met the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Nobuo Kishi, the Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Mr Shinjiro Komatsu, and the Director-General for Cultural Affairs at the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Mr Manabu Miyagawa.

Ms Azoulay with Mr Ando and Mr Pic (French ambassador in Japan)

She met with the President of the Japan Foundation, Mr Hiroyasu Ando, whom Prime Minister Mr Shinzo Abe has tasked with preparing the Japanese season in France next year, Japonismes 2018. Several discussions were held with figures from the worlds of culture, science and education.

Villa Kujoyama

At the end of her mission, Ms Azoulay visited several iconic Japanese cultural heritage sites in Kyoto. She also met the Mayor of Kyoto at Villa Kujoyama.